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Tips For Planning A Summer Get Together For Your Company Business Trips

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Out-of-the-office activities with the workplace team can be incredibly beneficial; they are not only a great way to relax and have fun, but they also help to build workplace camaraderie, which helps to establish relationships and increase workplace collaboration. However, in order for your team’s get-together to be successful, it must be well-planned; otherwise, it may turn out to be a fruitless gathering and a waste of time. This is why the professionals at our Massachusetts ground transportation company have chosen to create a detailed guide on how to prepare your company’s summer get-together.

We also propose hiring our limo service in Massachusetts for all of your transportation needs throughout your event. This not only ensures that the team arrives on time, but it also gives the guys a little additional time to bond and ensures safety on the trip back, in case you’ve had a little too much of the devil’s nectar.

Allow our highly trained chauffeurs to drive while you all focus on each other and get to know one another better on the way to and from the event. Now, without further ado, let’s look at some of the steps you can take to ensure that your company’s summer vacation is a success.

Organize A Committee To Plan The Event.

Create a planning committee for your event before you do anything else. This committee will include not only those who are organizing the trip, but also those who will be attending. This guarantees that everyone is happy; if attendees feel like they had a say in the type of getaway they want and that they affected significant decisions, they are more likely to stay involved during the getaway itself, which is critical to the event’s overall success.

Executives And Top Management

It is critical to include the company’s management and top executives in order to ensure the success of the getaway. While these individuals may not be members of the planning committee, they are immensely influential, and their presence, while inactive, will definitely motivate the rest of the staff to participate. A trip involving just junior employees may not be regarded seriously, and the junior employees may get uninterested in the getaway.


Prepare a schedule that allows everyone to understand the purpose of the trip. However, make sure that the agenda or agendas are adaptable in case any of them take longer than expected or if new agendas emerge during the planning process. This is an opportunity to discuss employment difficulties in an open, non-intimidating environment, as well as a summer get-away.

Consider The Size Of The Business

If you have a small group of about ten people, for example, you should plan a simple get-away like a camping trip, a retreat at a beach/mountain house, or any other type of get-away that would be appropriate for a family retreat. As a small business owner, you should think about the company’s finances; you don’t want to be in trouble when you return because you went on a tropical vacation. You can, however, go on a vacation-style trip if you are a large, established company with a large number of employees.


In light of the preceding point, you should always carefully assess the getaway’s budget. A vacation does not have to be expensive or take place in a faraway location. After all, the purpose of the trip is to build the team and improve workplace harmony. Regardless of the size of your company’s budget, whether it’s just enough for a day’s lunch and beverages or enough to fly the entire crew to an exotic location, keep within your budgetary restrictions to avoid future problems.

Activities That Are Competitive

Encourage competitive activities to increase contact during your vacation. It could be as basic as paintball, football, baseball, or anything else. A friendly competition adds to the excitement of the trip and forces individuals to interact. Allowing colleagues from the same department to form teams is not a good idea. Mix and match participants; people who would likely never interact otherwise will take advantage of this opportunity, which will, in the end, improve inter-departmental ties. Make things more intriguing by establishing a prize for the winning teams. For example, meal coupons to a posh restaurant for each of the team’s players and their families.


This may seem insignificant or obvious, yet nourishment is extremely important. Ensure that there is enough good food at the venue; otherwise, guests will start looking for the exit to grab a bite to eat. If you must cut a cost from your budget for any reason, make sure it is not the nutrition part. When there’s fantastic food, however, everyone is suddenly glad to be there. Good cuisine always produces positive consequences.


Above all, make sure that the getaway is more about having fun and socializing than it is about working. Summer getaways are an excellent way to remind your team of all of your accomplishments in the first half of the year. It’s an opportunity to show the team how much you appreciate all of their hard work and sacrifices for the organization. If you go on a getaway and spend half of the time in the conference room, your colleagues will not be able to tell the difference between the getaway and work; you could have just kept working.

Whether you host your get-away in a local park or your own backyard, at a swanky venue or in the Bahamas, it is critical that your employees believe they are on vacation, as this will encourage them to participate in the activities you have planned for the group and ensure the get-overall away’s success.

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