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Car Service Airport Pickups And Drop-Offs Tips

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No matter if you’re traveling for business, to visit family or friends, or even just a trip by yourself, booking a car service to or from the airport is a perfect way to kick off your trip stress-free. By already having a clean, prompt car waiting for you upon your arrival at your destination, or by having a nice car service to transport you to the airport, you can sit back, relax, and let the drivers do their job. You won’t need to worry about “hailing” an Uber or Lyft in the crazy hubbub of the airport, or traveling in a not-so-clean taxi after sitting on a plane for hours. Here are some great tips to follow when you do decide to book car service airport drop-off or pickup.

Find Out What Your Confirmation Number Is.

Print off your confirmation number, write it down, or save it on your phone in case of an emergency once you’ve booked your car service to or from the airport. Having it written down can only benefit you and will come in helpful in the event of any ambiguous situations.

Your Phone Number Is Required For The Car Service.

It’s critical that the vehicle service be able to contact you if necessary, for example, if they need to contact you about your booking or pickup location. Not only should the vehicle service have your contact information, but you should also ensure that your phone is well charged so that you can be reached. If a good car service airport driver doesn’t ask for your phone number, give it to him.

Keep The Drivers Informed.

If your flight is delayed, make sure to contact the car service you’ve booked and let them know. A good car service airport driver should already be keeping their eye on your flight, but it’s a good rule of thumb to over-inform when it comes to your driver and flight schedules. Even if your flight is canceled altogether, let your car service know.

For International Travel, Leave Extra Early.

Boarding time for international flights is always lengthier than for domestic planes. You’ll have to go through customs and undergo additional security checks. As a result, make sure to allow extra time when booking a vehicle service to take you up from or to the airport. Make sure your car service has all of your flight information so they can get you there in plenty of time, or if you’re reserving a car service for an airport pickup, make sure you tell them which terminal you’ll be arriving from. After a lengthy overseas travel, the last thing you’ll want is to be stuck in a frustrating pickup situation with a driver.

Choose A Location Where You Will Meet Your


The majority of drivers will greet their guests in baggage claim with a sign bearing the passenger’s name. If there is another location where you would like to meet your driver, let them know ahead of time.

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